Perfectly Paired Pet Scents for Every Dog Personality

Did you know, just like humans, there are different dog personalities? Whether they are shy introverts or the life of the paw-ty, there are typical dog personality types that can help you better understand your pet. And at GotDog, we have designer dog cologne for every personality type. This article will explore our pet scents collection and the best dog deodorizing spray for the various dog personality traits.

By GotDog

Do Dogs Have Personalities?

Obviously! If you are a pet lover, you know very well that nothing is boring about dogs and their personalities. Each has unique dog personality traits that set them apart from other pups. In fact, dogs and their personalities are one of the things that endear them to us the most.

What Are the Different Dog Personality Types?

Is Fido's dog personality always aiming to please? Or is he the leader of the pack? Here are some of the most common different dog personalities and the best dog deodorizing spray for each.

Strong and Silent

Aramutts is a powerful and masculine pet scent for dog personality types that are secure in their manhood and don't waste time barking at nothing. Whether you have a gentle giant or a little pup with a big dog personality, this designer dog cologne is one that will make you want to cozy up with your furry friend.

Confidence Galore

Every well-heeled doggie dynamo wants to wear Arfmani. This opulent fragrance is the best dog deodorizing spray for pups who want to show off their unstoppable personalities. From elegant afghans to mighty chihuahuas, this is for dog personality types that command attention.


If your hound loves to romp on the beach or wins most sociable at the dog park, Doggy Bahama is the pet cologne you need. Some typical traits of a dog that is a perfect match for this pet fragrance are agreeable, adaptable and enthusiastic. This cheerful pet scent is available in Doggy Bahama Girl too.

Free-Spirited Maverick

Sporty Bono Sports embodies energetic dogs and their personalities that keep you on your toes. Their dog personality traits include a zest for freedom. This designer dog cologne satisfies their need to stand out from the pack for independent and free-spirited types.

Discover Pawfect Pet Scents for All Dog Personality Types

While it's not pawssible to list all of the endless dog personality types, you can be sure to find designer dog cologne in scents that match the personality traits of your dog. Sniff out the best dog deodorizing spray at GotDog today!

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