How to Make Dogs Smell Good

Dogs are a cherished part of our families. And as such, it's just as important for them to smell fresh and clean — and there are a lot of benefits of dog cologne for doing just that! This article will dig into the many reasons to use dog cologne on your canine companion.

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Reasons to Use Dog Cologne That is Formulated Just for Pets

While your pet may not NEED perfume, it sure does help make them a better smelling home companion. The best dog perfume enhances your pup's scent without harmful chemicals. It should be specially formulated to interact with a dog's skin and fur without causing irritation. And we have many dif-fur-ent fragrances to choose from, so experiencing the benefits of dog cologne with the perfect scent is always paw-sible.

Doggone Delightful Designer Dupes

Besides helping to eliminate dog odor, pet perfume elevates our canine's scent to something quite fetching that even humans can aspire to. The right fragrance can be a real confidence booster. You and your mini-mutt can wear matching cologne, or you can pick a scent to match the occasion. Bono Sports by woof warren is a premium dog spray with a rich and energetic scent that works on and off the field, while Doggy Bahama is a sunny match for tropical cocktails on a dog-friendly patio.

Top 3 Benefits of Dog Cologne

While you might think canine fragrance is silly, there are actually many reasons to use dog cologne.

  1. 1. Pampering Your Pooch - For the ultimutt royal treatment, nothing says you're special like a bottle of Arfmani or White Dalmations.
  2. 2. Keeping Your Dog Fresh Between Washes - A spritz of CK-9 coat freshener helps your pooch keep that just-bathed feeling and extends the time between trips to the groomer.
  3. 3. Preventing Matting - When you comb out your dog's hair, a squirt of our non-matting deodorizing pet spray can help keep the fur in paw-ty perfect condition.
Fetch Your Paw-Fect Perfume

How to Use Pet Fragrance Spray Safely

While our canine colognes are formulated specifically for dogs, we recommend doing a spot test to confirm your dog isn't allergic to any of the ingredients. Make sure that you only use GotDog fragrances on your pet's fur so they can reap the benefits of dog cologne without irritation. Do not spray into their eyes, nose or mouth, and avoid the genitals and any other sensitive fur-free areas.

Discover the Benefits of Dog Cologne at GotDog!

Our pet scents really hit the spot! No matter your reasons to use dog cologne, your canine companion will feel like they won best in show after a spritz of our premium perfumes. Your furry best friend will smell like a million bones when you choose one of our top smellers.

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