How To Get Rid of that "Dog Smell" in Your House

Dogs are truly the best and a happy dog is a symbol of a happy home. However, it is no secret that many dogs smell, leaving an irritable odor in the home.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What can I spray on my dog to smell better?” we have the answer for you. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of a dog smell in your house and you’ll be enjoying a freshly scented house in no time.

By GotDog

1. Deep Clean Your Home

You should start by deep cleaning your home on a regular basis and use an air purifier to give it a beautiful scent. A thorough cleaning will help you identify where the bulk of the smell is coming from and allow you to deal with it effectively.

Pay special attention to the dog’s bedding and toys, as they may be the source of the strong odor. Check the washing information on the bed, pillows and toys for instructions on how to appropriately clean them.

2. Vacuum the Home and Wash the Floors Regularly

You'll want to make sure to vacuum the home and wash the floors regularly to get rid of that dog smell in the house. These steps are essential to remove any lingering hair and stains from your dog’s daily activities. Depending on how much your dog sheds and drools, you may need to vacuum weekly or even daily.

3. Use Perfumed Oils To Give a Nice Scent To Your Home

Even when you are not doing a thorough cleaning of the home, you can spray air fresheners or use scented oils to give your home a pleasant scent and get rid of any dog smell in the house. With a regular deep and surface cleaning, a touch of perfume may be all you need to maintain a fresh scent in your home.

4. Remove the Smell from the Source - Your Dog!

Of course, no amount of cleaning will remove the odor if the smell itself is coming from your dog. While all pets have a scent, there may be an underlying cause to your dog’s odor. The following are just a few of the potential reasons why your pup may be a tad… smelly.

Bad Food

Like humans, animals often have digestive problems. As a result, your dog’s gas can smell horrendous, especially if it has eaten something that does not agree with its digestive system. Check your dog's diet and change it up to see if that's the culprit.

Medical Reasons

A smelly dog can indicate some underlying health problems such as dental issues, kidney diseases or diabetes. If your dog has constant bad smells emanating from them, take them to a veterinarian to investigate the cause.

Poor Hygiene

If you've confirmed that the problem is not medical, you should invest in grooming your dog. Sometimes there are no other reasons why your dog smells except that it has been playing dirty, and it needs a bath. All you need to do to remove that dog stench is to give your pet a thorough bath with dog grooming shampoo and be sure to dry it off very well.

You can also begin grooming them regularly with GotDog spray and dog cologne. You should also take time to give your dog a regular haircut and nail trim, to keep them looking pleasant and smelling nice.

Wet Dog

Bacteria is more likely to grow on a wet dog’s fur if it is not dried completely and thoroughly. After every bath, you must take your time to give your dog a thorough drying. A hair dryer can be a helpful tool. Just make sure to keep it safely plugged in and be in control at all times. If hair dryers scare your pooch, you'll want to stick to towel-drying them.

Try Using a Pet Cologne

Just like humans use perfume, dogs can also use appropriate cologne, like GotDog’s pet cologne. We have a variety of fragrances like CK-9, Bono Sports, and Ms. Claybone. Just spray your dog with GotDog pet cologne to leave your pet fabulously scented.

Get Rid of Dog Smells in the House with the Help of GotDog

The easiest way to get rid of that dog smell in your house is through routine cleaning and regular grooming. Make sure you bathe your dog regularly and apply GotDog’s grooming spray on your dog after thoroughly drying them.

Of course, if you believe there is an underlying problem causing the consistent odor, take your dog to the vet to eliminate any medical concerns. Otherwise, a spritz of GotDog cologne and perfume should do the trick!